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     Life has been crazy, busy, fun.  Yesterday I started the day early.  I cleaned the house, scrubbed the floors (even though I knew they would get dirty later), washed dished, did laundry, and  nearly finished the dress I started sewing the night before.  What fun.  I, honestly, love scrubbing our kitchen floor. And of course, sewing is a favourite. After all that the real fun began…Tamales! Yes, some friends came over and we made tamales. Loads and loads of them. It was so warm in this kitchen. Not the most ideal weather to be making tamales in but….It was so much fun. I had never made them before. I officially love tamales. Homemade are just so delicious too. I ate so much last night…I couldn’t stop. And for dessert I served up some homemade frozen yogurt with fresh raspberries and blueberries on top. I’ve had fun trying out the whole frozen yogurt thing. Creamy, cold, refreshing, and sweet goodness. It is so nice on these amazingly hot days. It melts very fast though…

     There is more excitement to come.  Tonight the family is going out to dinner for My sister, Alyssas’, birthday.  Italian food.  Joy.  (I think it is a tad tragic that I love good food so much.)  Tomorrow will be an adventure.  I’ll be off to the zoo with a handful of little kiddos.  And I hear we are to break a record and most likely hit 100 degrees.  I might melt but I am very excited.  I haven’t been to the zoo in so many years. 

     Hurrah for summer fun!


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The Lavender we trimmed at my grandparents cabin.

     It is so good to be home.  I had a lovely time staying with my grandparents.  Reading Uncle Remus(I thought it was adorable), trimming lavender, eating cookies from the freezer, playing games, yard work, Canoe rides on the lake, listening to grandma play the baby grand….Yes, I loved spending time with my grandparents.

     Home is always so wonderful though.  There really is no place like it.  I love Home and the people in it. 

     Yesterday I was out of the house to spend the day with my girls.  Ashley is changing, week by week she’s getting older.  She is so adorable.  I love the way her whole face lights up when I come to get her out of bed in the morning.  She is so happy for the new day.   We played so many things yesterday.  I believe Jessica was envious of the finger puppets I brought.  She was amazed by them and had so much fun pretending and making up stories Roofingabout the Princess and the Dragon  [who were always near the Tree] and the most valiant Knight who would save her and bring her to the Prince in his castle.  It was sweet to watch her.  She has such an imagination. 

     Daddy and I finally got the shed roof finished.  I like helping my Dad with that sort of stuff.

     Oh! I got yelled at at the gas station yesterday too.  “Z caaar! Z cars ROCK!!”  It made me smile to myself as I pumped my gasoline.  It was a good thing I got gas when I did.  I pumped a tad over nine gallons and I have a ten gallon tank….I already knew my gas gauge doesn’t work.  My car has a favourite place to die on me.  [clarification: The Z is an automatic.]  The first stop I come to I guess my car isn’t quite warmed up enough.  Yesterday was the fastest I had ever restarted it though.  It was good- quick shift to neutral, restart, quick shift to drive and you’re off!  Driving in my car is always an adventure.  I was going to drive through and get an iced espresso to drink but I remembered that the driver side window doesn’t work…. minor detail.  I took Mom on a ride last night in the rain…. with the t-tops off.  That is always fun.

     I am so excited to try making frozen yogurt!  With fresh mango topping.  Oh so yummo.

     I was watching the cutest thing last night.  I Love it. 

It has started quite the rage.


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Circus Animals!

Circus Cookies!
Circus Cookies!


     Yesterday I made cookies. So many little animal cookies. They are the cutest things. I kid you not. I was baking all day long. It felt like a circus. Or rather it was a circus.  It was worth it though.  I now have a bag full of cookies to bring to Zach and Bethany, who just had twins last week.  I also have a mixing bowl almost full left over too…they’re sitting right over there…looking smashing.  I think the TIGER shape is my favourite. The kitchen has been somewhat of a non-stop place lately. [I like it] The cookies were an all day project yesterday and today has been filled with so much good food. [I ♥ good food] I went out and picked a basket of huckleberries this morning and made some huckleberry muffins. I made them with white flour…I realized it was the first time I’ve made muffins with white flour. I usually use whole wheat. The white ones where .just.like.cake. Mama and I baked two loaves of whole wheat bread and some (nearly whole wheat) rolls.  We made a meal to bring over for Zach and Bethany- Some of Mamas’ meatloaf, brown rice, green beans, the rolls, huckleberry muffins, and The Circus Animal Cookies. I know, you’re thinking, “Brown rice? How boring!” It isn’t, trust me. I’ve been thinking about putting a recipe section on here, when I do I’ll put the brown rice recipe in it. You really should try it.

sewing...Finished Project     I also started making some little stuffed animals for the new twins.  There are a few other expecting mothers I know and I love creating baby things. So this morning I sewed a chicken out of a soft blue flannel. Hopefully there will be a pig and a goat to follow soon.  I need to try knitting a baby sweater or something of that sort someday too….

     Well, I had better go check my laundry.  It should be dry by now.

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     I feel somehow inadequate to be writing a blog post… Not feeling quite for it but it’s overdue, for sure.

     There is a cherry pie in the oven,  Seven quarts of pie cherries and seven little jam jars of sour cherry jam cooling, just out of the canner.  It is the season of cherries.  Sweet cherries and sour cherries, just beautiful cherries.  Pitting so very many pounds of cherries is not quite so fun though… especially with a little hand cherry pitter.  We picked pie cherries last night.  I had never been so close to so many bees in my life.  There were at least five hives under and around the tree.  It was amazing just watching them going in and out of their little boxes doing the same thing over and over.  They really were friendly too.  I stood right in the middle of their highway (I know, I’m a little kid…I just had to try it.) and they just fly to the right or the left only thinking about flowers, nectar, pollen, and honey.

Stephanie picking cherries

Stephanie picking cherries

Daddy in the cherry tree

Daddy in the cherry tree

 Hmm, let us see…what else has been going on.

I hiked up Mount Pilchuck.  (I was so very tired going up.)  I enjoyed the view of Gods’ creation from my rock at the top.  I was sad I couldn’t run down all the way, non-stop.  I had to run.stop.wait…run.stop.wait… I gave up after a while. 

I wore my new red shoes with the pointy toes.  They are my new favourite shoes.

I got some amazing handmade finger puppets in the mail.  Along with some… lovely letters, dark chocolate, hair pins, and tea.  I can’t wait to try the new teas.  They all smell so good.  All from my dear friends.  (I always forget I’ve only seen you twice!) Thank goodness for the U.S. Postal service!

I babysat my girls.  We had so much fun.  We played outside.  We went into the field and I found patches of little wild blackberries.  The girls were so excited and they loved them.  They were adorable with blackberry stains on their fingers and lips.  We picked little strawberries and huckleberries too.  Ashley was so excited- after she picked her first huckleberry and ate it she looked at me with so much joy and said, “I did it!”  I love love love playing with my girls.

Well, I’m off to make some cherry fruit leather.  Have a lovely week this week.


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Happy Fourth of July!  




 I hope you all will enjoy your day. 

With Family with Friends with Picnics with BBQs with Baseball with Watermelon with that Potato Salad that has been sitting out for who knows how long…with Laughter with Smiles with Traditions with Love with Icecream with Fireworks.






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