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This is my friend, Erin.  She is cutting the apple pie that she (with the help of her wonderful family) baked out-of-doors.  Yes, they baked it with coals outside and it was simply amazing.

I was at Erin’s house for dinner on Sunday night and we had soup and bread.  The bread was baked in a dutch oven outside as well.  (It is crazy what you can do in those things!)  And for dessert we had Dutch oven apple pie a la mode with hot tea.  I think it was the best apple pie I’ve had… that I remember anyway.  Good food and fellowship are always abundant at Erin and Dean’s house.  I always leave that house feeling more and more thankful for their friendship.  Thank You Erin and Dean!

This morning… I drank an entire pot of tea.  It was good tea.  I just ordered an entire pound of it.  Boston.  By Harney & Sons.  It’s my new favourite.  I went to a new coffee shop this afternoon too!  I drove by it a few days ago and wondered if it was open or not.  I tried it today.  I felt pretty special to be a customer on their first day open too.  I loved being friendly.  I have tried to break the habit of acting shy, and I like it.  Today, I chatted and laughed with the employees for a while and it made me happy.  I almost gave the man in charge my name and number and said if he needed anybody to work this fall, call me.  But I didn’t.  I have a lot of praying to do about work.  I’m at a bit of a crossroad.  I’ve been thinking all week but I can’t figure out what I should do.  I would like to make the right decision… I just don’t know what that is.  I’ll keep praying.  Only My Lord knows.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming…. and Spring

Enjoy your weekend.


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…It really is on the way. Just hold on a little longer, it’s coming.

     Do you know how I know?  I can hear the sounds of spring.  I love to hear the frogs croaking, the birds singing, and I’ve even heard a few bumblebees buzz past me!  Also, in our laundry room at the moment I can hear six little chicks.  Yes, we have new chicks to add to our ten laying hens.


      They are very cute.  My favourite are the Speckled Sussex.  They are the brown ones with the raccoon-like eyes. The others are Buff Rocks and Anconas.  We only picked out six new chicks since we already have our nine hens and one rooster that are probably six years old.  I think we’re planning on moving the little chicks outside pretty soon.  They are starting to smell more like chickens everyday.  This morning I cleaned out the ‘kid pen’ for them to move into since they’re still too small to move in with the grown hens.  (The ‘kid pen’ is a room off our barn for the baby goats, when we have them.)  It will be nice to have the little birds out there for a while.  My sister, Stephanie, helped me dung out the chicken coup as well.  Next we’ll have to tackle the goat barn… that is always a lot of work.  I might get to that today, we’ll see.


     We’ve been outside a lot lately.  It’s been so nice.  We’ve planted five new fruit trees!  An Italian Prune, Spartan Apple, Transparent Apple, and two Pie Cherry trees.  Our yard is diminishing as our ‘orchard‘ grows.  I love it.  Someday this place will look even more amazing with ancient established fruit trees like my great grandparents and great great grandparents properties have now.  This property is wonderful though.  The barns and sheds that my Daddy has built, the garden space that has been enlarged a few times, the flower beds where Mama plants all sorts of things in,  they all add to the welcoming feeling of home.  If you haven’t noticed, I love home. 

     This morning, for breakfast…
     I Made Scones.
Yes, they were so good. I used whole wheat flour and they were still good.  I enjoyed them with a latte, Thanks to my friend Erin.  She had a Bialetti Espresso Maker sitting on her fridge which she claimed she hadn’t been using much.  She took it down, handed it to me, and said I could play with it.  And it really works!  I had been eyeing those Bialettis in the Williams Sonoma catalog for a while.  Thank You Erin!  You’re a doll.  The only problem is… now I’ll have to practice self-control!  I don’t need to get into a habit of drinking coffee everyday… It would be so easy, trust me.  I love the making of espresso drinks.  Working at the espresso bar at church has been really great.  I’ve been able to learn so much and I’m getting better at chatting with people I don’t really know.  I’ve enjoyed it.  I must confess though, I’ve been having more coffee, chocolate, sugar, etc. then I should lately.  A box of dark chocolates and stress are not a good pair.  We’ll just say… I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate this past week.  I’d like to go eat another one of those scones right now too… terrible of me, I know.  I guess I’ll go back outside and get some more work done though. 

     Enjoy the rest of your week and take some time to admire the daffodils that are starting to show their cheerful color.


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