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There are so many recipes on my ‘to make’ list right now.
Including this Potato Frittata. Joy always has the cutest posts on her blog and the most yummy recipes. Thank you Joy! I love your blogging self.

I have gotten a few things done lately. One of which was Pain Au Chocolat baking. I have a bit of work to do before I’m completely satisfied though. My pastry wasn’t quite flaky and buttery as I thought it should be. I will have to try some other recipes out. They turned out pretty darn good though. I had a few friends over for dinner on Thursday night. We had a simple dinner, soup and salad. Followed by coffee and sweet later in the evening. The pain au chocolat were still warm from baking, served on saucers alongside coffee in teacups. Loved it.

{Note} It is quite possible I may get fat if ever happily married or in a kitchen of my own. I will try to refrain from baking cinnamon rolls for breakfast more than once a week though. I might have to put myself on a baking schedule. …Cinnamon rolls: Saturday breakfast, Pastries: bi-weekly Sunday breakfast, Muffins: … anytime…  Yes. It may become an obsession. At least there will be laundry, cleaning and dishes to counteract with.


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