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Daddy and me at a parade, 1996.

Bonne fête des pères, papa.


Happy Fathers Day, daddy.

     Thanks for being there for me, always. Thank you for your protection. Thank you for all those times we spent together building sheds, hammering nails, sawing wood. Thank you for those times we had our heads under the hood of some car or other. Thank you for taking the time to explain the answers for all those silly questons I’ve asked, like; why the spark plugs spark, why is a carpenters square called a square- it’s shaped like a triangle. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve hammers, nails, wrenches, motor oil, orange hand cleaner, and you. You’ll never know how much you mean to me.

I love You.

 ♥ your daughter.


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Rusk. What?

Yes.  Rusk.  That is what I meant to say.  It’s not a typo.  Some would call it biscotti.  A dried sweet bread, very satisfying with tea or coffee and not as rich or sweet as cookies.

I made some a few weeks ago.  They were so good.  I tried to save some for you but… it didn’t work out.  Sorry.  I couldn’t resist.  I’m going to share my recipe so you can bake some and see for yourself how hard it is to stay away from these rusks.  It is my one of my new favourite recipes.  Fairly simple to make and so worth the twice baked wait.  The recipe is from an old recipe book of my Mamas called “Notes From a Scandinavian Kitchen.” 

Swedish Almond Rusks    

     1 cup butter
     1¾ cup sugar
     2 eggs
     2 teaspoons almond extract
     5 cups flour
     1 teaspoon baking soda
     1 teaspoon salt
     1 cup sour cream
     1  cup chopped almonds

Cream butter and sugar, add beaten eggs. Blend in almond extract. Sift dry ingredients; add alternately with sour cream and almonds. Divide dough into six equal parts. Shape into 15 inch long rolls. Place 3 rolls on each of the two ungreased cooky* sheets. Allow space between as they spread in baking. Bake 30 minutes at 350°. Remove rolls from pans and cut diagonally into ¾ inch slices. Place slices cut side down on cooky* sheet, return to oven, toast 10-15 minutes until brown, turn rusks and toast the other side.

*cooky. That is how they spell it in the recipe book. So cute. ♥

I am going to go make some of these right now. They will be for my uncle. I think he will like them. Very much.

{You really should make some too…}

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I know, you haven’t seen me in a while. I’m very sorry. I have been part busy, part lazy. But that was not what I was referring to in the blog title.

Long time no see.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and evening with three of my favourite girls. The last time I had seen them was February 22, 2009.

There is Miss Tandy…   

And Ria…  

And Bell (on right).  

They are three sisters that live in central Oregon.  I have only met them three times and they are some of my dearest friends. (special thanks to the United States Postal Service and Alexander Graham Bell.)  I still can’t believe how all the pieces fell into place last week and then Saturday morning I was on my way down to actually see them. In Washington.  It was so worth the more than two hour car ride.  Turned out to be the most beautiful and warmest day of the year so far.  The best day of the year in every way so far, according to my book. 
Except the saying goodbye at the end of the day part.  I could have done without that. 

That is my excitement for now.  I shared it with you. I have a list of other things I have been meaning to share with you….

-Some amazing Swedish Almond Rusks and Raspberry Crunch Bars that I made a while ago. I would bake rusks every week if it weren’t for the guilt I should feel after I eat them all up.
-The birthday banner I made for Bell.
-My answer to the questions I get about future college and career plans, goals, and aspirations. And peoples reaction to that.

But for now, that’s it. I hope there is a smile on your face.

{The roses are blooming.}

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