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Cold Weather.

We had snow falling quite often last week.  It was so pretty.  But yes, very cold.
I have consumed copious amounts of tea.
So thankful for the warm fire.  And the woodshed stocked with firewood.  (Not so much the many treks out to get the firewood but… you can’t have everything.)
Also, I am happy I didn’t fall off the road on my way to work last week.  I fell in love with my 4 wheel drive that day.  I know I wouldn’t have gotten to work without it.  It drove like a dream.

We had the most amazing icicles.


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I’m sorry, really I am.
I have been so lazy lately. Especially when it comes to blogging.

This week is going to be crazy though. I’m excited. Valentines Day is coming.
Getting ready for our annual Valentine Tea Party will keep me busy this week. I’ve been planning out the dessert menu today. (That is my favourite part.) And I’m thinking about the craft too. I hope I can find everything for that.
The tea party is on Saturday.

There is craziness going on on Sunday too. Which is also exciting. I’m having some friends over and we’re making tamales and doughnuts. Oui, somewhat at the same time. So, I’ll be getting everything ready for that too this week. Last time I made doughnuts, Bell made them with me. That was the best. Here are a few doughnut pictures from October last year.
(Yeah, it’s 2011. I still think that’s crazy.)

I’ll try to keep up with this blogging stuff better.
And not just listen to Talain Rayne and Blue October all day. (Merci Bell.)

Guys, don’t forget:

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