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I am in love with this last week.
Because I was able to spend it with some of my favourite people. In Oregon. It’s hard to believe I’ll be heading back to Washington tomorrow morning.

I miss Bell so much. Even more than before. And that was already too much. I cried in bed last night reading a little note she had given me when we said goodbye.
But I am so thankful for all the memories we made together. I will keep them always.
Sneaking onto the roof with Bell and Candy, mugs and hot chocolate, quilts and Noel, stargazing and wishing on shooting stars.
Sitting on the kitchen floor.
Picnicking in the park with Jenn, Christie, Fran, Candy, and Bell.
Drinking oh so much tea.
Painting French words on teacups.
Bell driving.
The Record Store.
Running around IKEA for hours, not wanting it to end. (…”there is a Chinese family in our bathroom”…)
Townshends. #79.
Late night chats.
Baking muffins and cinnamon morning buns.
Sparklers in the street.

I need to stop. I might cry again. I’ll finish my tea. Clean up. Wait for La to come home. Then hit the Saturday market.
Might be a wedding tonight in my new dress.

Rain is pouring down outside where I am.


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I have made two pie crusts this morning. Both failed. I don’t remember having such trouble with pie crust. I sold a bazillion pies when I was 12 or something and don’t remember such problems. I feel pathetic. I can’t bake a pie.
[One should not bake when in a bad temper. Failed baking only makes the temper worse.]

I hope you’re remembering the freedoms we so often take for granted.
I hope you have pretty pies.
I hope you don’t blow yourselves up.

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