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I have looked forward to this month nearly all year. October is here and I’m enjoying it.

This is the month of The Bakery. The one that my friend, Erin, has run every fall for the past three or four years. It has been a lot of fun so far. So here’s a peek into what my life has been on Saturdays.

Don’t these cinnamon rolls look amazing? They aren’t even baked yet. And they’re big. I would say these are probably our best-selling item. I mean really, you can’t go wrong with a big cinnamon roll. At the top of the picture we have a pan of cranberry-oatmeal bars. One of my favourites. And on the counter on the left, my latte.

Bread. This fresh homemade bread was amazing with the soup. Yes, we sell homemade soup and bread along with all the other sweet bakery treats.

I was called back to the ovens to snap a picture of these beauties. Golden brown perfection.

Sandy does such an amazing job back in the oven department. Multi-tasking as you can see.

Okay, this picture needs some explanation. Perspective is hard to get in a photograph.
This is Laurie. She’s making cream cheese frosting. Most everything in this picture is of bulk quantity, except the milk. The jug of milk is a normal gallon. It’s sitting next to a 5 gallon bucket of cream cheese frosting. Let’s think about this…
That is a lot of frosting. 

We have a lot of fun. This weekend is going to be beautiful. So come on out and visit us at The Farm!


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Oven is hot.

I pre-heated my oven to 500° today. That is, I believe the hottest this oven has ever been.

I’ve been making Ciabatta Loaves. Two done and the last one baking. It smells like fresh artisan bread in this kitchen. Heavenly. I’m so glad I finally used a recipe from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice! It is an amazing book. (Thank you Allen for loaning me your copy!) I hadn’t baked bread in quite a while. I enjoyed going through the process of proofing, kneading, rising, shaping, and baking. I think I’ll start the next step too. Slicing and eating! Sounds good, right? If you’ve never made bread before, you should. It is a very rewarding task.

Fresh Bread is simply amazing. Who doesn’t love it? Seriously. Everybody loves it. (If you don’t, you should.)


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Circus Animals!

Circus Cookies!
Circus Cookies!


     Yesterday I made cookies. So many little animal cookies. They are the cutest things. I kid you not. I was baking all day long. It felt like a circus. Or rather it was a circus.  It was worth it though.  I now have a bag full of cookies to bring to Zach and Bethany, who just had twins last week.  I also have a mixing bowl almost full left over too…they’re sitting right over there…looking smashing.  I think the TIGER shape is my favourite. The kitchen has been somewhat of a non-stop place lately. [I like it] The cookies were an all day project yesterday and today has been filled with so much good food. [I ♥ good food] I went out and picked a basket of huckleberries this morning and made some huckleberry muffins. I made them with white flour…I realized it was the first time I’ve made muffins with white flour. I usually use whole wheat. The white ones where .just.like.cake. Mama and I baked two loaves of whole wheat bread and some (nearly whole wheat) rolls.  We made a meal to bring over for Zach and Bethany- Some of Mamas’ meatloaf, brown rice, green beans, the rolls, huckleberry muffins, and The Circus Animal Cookies. I know, you’re thinking, “Brown rice? How boring!” It isn’t, trust me. I’ve been thinking about putting a recipe section on here, when I do I’ll put the brown rice recipe in it. You really should try it.

sewing...Finished Project     I also started making some little stuffed animals for the new twins.  There are a few other expecting mothers I know and I love creating baby things. So this morning I sewed a chicken out of a soft blue flannel. Hopefully there will be a pig and a goat to follow soon.  I need to try knitting a baby sweater or something of that sort someday too….

     Well, I had better go check my laundry.  It should be dry by now.

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