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Crazy People

This house has been full of crazy people today. We’re getting ready to go camping. There has been so much to get done. Thankfully, it is just about time for me to crawl into bed.

The lawn is mowed. The green beans are picked and fourteen quarts canned. Seven quarts of peaches canned. The car is half packed, just the food and coolers are left for morning. Chocolate, graham crackers, and marshma… wait, I don’t think the marshmallows are packed. That was close. Almost forgot the marshmallows. All the plants watered. Cookies baked.

And one ring lost.

[I am thankful it wasn’t my spoon ring that got lost. But- losing my ring makes me feel sick. My thumb feels naked after having a ring on it for years.]
I am going to go to bed now and try not to cry over my lost ring.
Then I’ll wake up early and go camping.

Have a good weekend.
[and don’t lose any sentimentally valuable valuables while you’re at it.]


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