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O Happy Day.

O Death where’s your sting?
O How you have tasted defeat!

Alleluia, the stone has been rolled away
Alleluia, Jesus walked away from the grave.


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It’s Friday, August 6th. (I still am amazed it is August already.)
Happy Summer.
I have my laundry going today.
I am drinking tea.
And I am frustrated with my lack of musical skills. But, I am still trying. Still trying indeed. I will play this song well… someday.

     This song sounds so happy on the piano. The lyrics are angry though. Bummer. I don’t know how to play any happy songs on the piano, just sad and angry… why is that? I think I need to change that.
     There are public pianos randomly placed in downtown Everett. I really want to dress up and bring my vintage red suitcase to the piano at the train station and play ‘Almost Lover.’ I think that would be amazing fun. We’ll see if I actually do it. If I do, you’ll hear about it for sure!

Tim has recovered from cerebral malaria. (see previous post.) I am rejoicing. God has done an amazing thing. There were balloons blown up, welcome home banners painted, flags made- I am so happy he is home with his family.
Thank You Lord.

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Tonight I am baking a vanilla cake and making lemon buttercream frosting.
Tomorrow I am going to be assembling them together to create a summer birthday cake. I have visions of  this delicious cloud-like masterpiece that will melt in my mouth after all my efforts are expelled.
Yes, I know, I have high hopes.

My sister, Alyssa, is turning twenty-four tomorrow.
She loves lemon.
I love her.
There will be lemon tomorrow.

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     “Seventeen!?!  You can’t turn seventeen! You can’t! You’re going to get old!”
                                                -Jessica, nearly in tears.  Age five.

     Yes, that’s me.  Old.  I confess, sometimes I do feel old.  Especially when I’m waiting for the school bus with little kiddos buzzing around me.  Most of the time… I just feel like a kid, Even though I just turned 17.  I’m so thankfull for all my dear friends and family who made my birthday so special.  I can’t wait to start writing Thank You’s.

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     turning leaves

     Summer is over and Fall is here! I am always surprised how excited I get every time it comes around. The brilliant-red of the turning leaves always stirs something inside of me. I start thinking about all the cozy evenings. Wrapping myself in a blanket at the fireside reading Dickens and listening to the pattering of raindrops against the window panes. The smell of hot cider floating on the air and the sound of joy and laughter ringing through the house. Family and Friends coming to visit and share a meal. Oh, the meals of Fall and Winter are so lovely… Roasted chicken, stuffed with Mamas savoury sage dressing, gravy and mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, homemade donuts… comfort food, seriously. But yes,  pretty soon the colourful leaves begin to drop one by one to join the leaves of yesteryear upon the ground. It amazes me how anyone could observe the changing seasons and not see The Creator.  It is so evident to me that he has planned out every detail [from the falling leaves to your life story] according to His purpose. Reminds me of a song out of Psalm 8.

     Oh Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Thy name, in all the earth! Who hast set Thy glory above the heavens. When I consider the heavens the works of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars which Thou hast ordained, the sheep and the oxen, the beast of the field, the fowl of the air, the fish of the sea… What is man that Thou art mindful of him.

     I love that song. Life gets busy but I hope I’ll always have time to stop and admire Gods handiwork. And I desire to never stop singing His praises. He is so worthy of them.

     Go out, admire the falling leaves.

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Happy Fourth of July!  




 I hope you all will enjoy your day. 

With Family with Friends with Picnics with BBQs with Baseball with Watermelon with that Potato Salad that has been sitting out for who knows how long…with Laughter with Smiles with Traditions with Love with Icecream with Fireworks.






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Busy Busy…

     What a busy weekend.  We celebrated my sister, Stephanies’ birthday (several times) and of course there was Fathers Day as well.  It felt good to sleep in a while this morning.

     Friday I babysat.  My girls are quite a lot of fun.  I can’t believe how fast they are growing up.  We laughed…a lot.  I think Fridays are my favourite.  I hurried home after the day of giggling little girls to help get ready for some friends to come over. We played games, ate snacks, but didn’t sing Happy Birthday to my sister.  Saturday morning I went hiking with a few friends.  We hiked to Lake Barclay, then up to Stone Lake, and on to Eagle Lake.  It was a bit of a scramble up to Stone and Eagle Lakes, I enjoyed it though.  We came home, all muddy and dirty, got cleaned up and went out for dinner.  It turned into a long day.  I got up the next morning, early, and helped make breakfast for Fathers Day and Stephanies’ birthday (which happened o fall on the same day this year.).  I love breakfast food.  It is so good.  We had cinnimon rolls, sausage links, scrambled eggs, and of course Orange juice, the ultimate breakfast beverage.  I went on another hike with the family that afternoon.  It was rainy and wet.  I kinda liked the rain though.  Later this afternoon will be a game of frisbee, perhaps in the rain.  We’ll see.

I’m hoping for a relaxing week ahead.

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