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Circus Animals!

Circus Cookies!
Circus Cookies!


     Yesterday I made cookies. So many little animal cookies. They are the cutest things. I kid you not. I was baking all day long. It felt like a circus. Or rather it was a circus.  It was worth it though.  I now have a bag full of cookies to bring to Zach and Bethany, who just had twins last week.  I also have a mixing bowl almost full left over too…they’re sitting right over there…looking smashing.  I think the TIGER shape is my favourite. The kitchen has been somewhat of a non-stop place lately. [I like it] The cookies were an all day project yesterday and today has been filled with so much good food. [I ♥ good food] I went out and picked a basket of huckleberries this morning and made some huckleberry muffins. I made them with white flour…I realized it was the first time I’ve made muffins with white flour. I usually use whole wheat. The white ones where .just.like.cake. Mama and I baked two loaves of whole wheat bread and some (nearly whole wheat) rolls.  We made a meal to bring over for Zach and Bethany- Some of Mamas’ meatloaf, brown rice, green beans, the rolls, huckleberry muffins, and The Circus Animal Cookies. I know, you’re thinking, “Brown rice? How boring!” It isn’t, trust me. I’ve been thinking about putting a recipe section on here, when I do I’ll put the brown rice recipe in it. You really should try it.

sewing...Finished Project     I also started making some little stuffed animals for the new twins.  There are a few other expecting mothers I know and I love creating baby things. So this morning I sewed a chicken out of a soft blue flannel. Hopefully there will be a pig and a goat to follow soon.  I need to try knitting a baby sweater or something of that sort someday too….

     Well, I had better go check my laundry.  It should be dry by now.


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