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happy doughnut day.

It’s national doughnut day.
I had no idea there was such a day until my sister informed me.
So of course I made doughnuts today. Why not celebrate such a national holiday?
I actually ended up making raised and cake doughnuts.
I can’t decide which ones I like best. The raised doughnuts are so light and fluffy, but the hint of freshly grated nutmeg in the cake doughnuts is to die for.

I chocolate glazed some.


I left some plain.

And of course, I cinnamon-sugared the doughnut holes.

I can hear the coffee pot on the stove, I think it’s ready.
Mmmm… Time for Coffee and Doughnuts.




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I had a wonderful holiday with Grace. (You don’t know how heavy that suitcase was. Seriously. So heavy.)
You’ll hear all about the holiday soon. I promise. I’m just waiting for pictures to show you. We got some really good pictures. Mostly of food but hey, it was good food.

It’s September already. How crazy is that. (I know, I say something to that effect every month.)
Since it is September…

…I couldn’t resist.

You need to have a bonfire and roast smores before summer is over. I built myself a fire and baked myself some homemade graham crackers just for that purpose last night. Those were good smores.

Oh say, have you ever met someone with the same birthday as you? I did this week. 
Wait, I guess haven’t actually met him have I…

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