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I am in love with this last week.
Because I was able to spend it with some of my favourite people. In Oregon. It’s hard to believe I’ll be heading back to Washington tomorrow morning.

I miss Bell so much. Even more than before. And that was already too much. I cried in bed last night reading a little note she had given me when we said goodbye.
But I am so thankful for all the memories we made together. I will keep them always.
Sneaking onto the roof with Bell and Candy, mugs and hot chocolate, quilts and Noel, stargazing and wishing on shooting stars.
Sitting on the kitchen floor.
Picnicking in the park with Jenn, Christie, Fran, Candy, and Bell.
Drinking oh so much tea.
Painting French words on teacups.
Bell driving.
The Record Store.
Running around IKEA for hours, not wanting it to end. (…”there is a Chinese family in our bathroom”…)
Townshends. #79.
Late night chats.
Baking muffins and cinnamon morning buns.
Sparklers in the street.

I need to stop. I might cry again. I’ll finish my tea. Clean up. Wait for La to come home. Then hit the Saturday market.
Might be a wedding tonight in my new dress.

Rain is pouring down outside where I am.


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O Happy Day.

O Death where’s your sting?
O How you have tasted defeat!

Alleluia, the stone has been rolled away
Alleluia, Jesus walked away from the grave.

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Good Fun: part two.

Here is part two of my time with Grace…


The oven had bread in it all morning but we had to bake cupcakes for a party in the evening. We seriously made them right before we got in the car to go. It was so close. They tasted delicious though.

Wednesday Night:

We made little cream puffs…

with amazing chocolate cream filling.
We whipped cream (by hand) and folded it into chocolate pudding.
What a good filling.

Yes, I ate so many of them.
(and I even balanced them on my tongue. You should try that, it’s not easy.)

Thursday Morning:

The last meal (a.k.a. – Breakfast ).

I think Grace and I will always make these when we are together.
These Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls…
man oh man they are the best thing ever.

Breakfast has never been better.
They were the perfect thing with a cinnamon latte for our departure breakfast.
The grand finale to such a wonderful time.

There was much more too. We did some sewing. We watched the entire Little Dorrit mini series in two sittings. Those were some late nights but totally worth it. We drank tea. Brisk, Balanced, and Inspiring tea actually. Knitting happened. There was this one mexican potluck…

So many new memories for Grace and I to add to our collection.
I’m so thankful to have her as a friend. I love the fact that we can talk about the things that we both love. Like new bunt pans and butter.
Thank you, Grace, for always being there for me.

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Good Fun: part one.

I have a lot of pictures from my vacation to show you.
So. Hang on, here we go!

We spent a lot of our time in this kitchen.
Grace and I made food. So much food.

Sunday Dinner.
What does “Sunday dinner” bring to mind?
Something hearty that screams comfort?

Chicken Potpie.
Yes, one of my favourites
They turned out amazing.  Grace and I were both afraid we wouldn’t get dinner on the table until 9:00 or so. But of course we did not play it safe and just roast the chicken. We decided to shred it, throw it into a simmering stew, top it with pastry, and bake it. Amazingly (and thankfully) we had dinner ready right on time. I still don’t know how we pulled that one off.

Monday Dinner.

We made hand tossed rosemary pizza crusts. Lots of them.

Yes, those are grill marks. Pre-grilled and ready to load up with toppings.

On the table and ready to eat. Oh yum, they were so good.

Monday Night.
Homemade Marshmallows+ Homemade Graham Crackers+ a bonfire= A Good Time.

Grace cutting the marshmallows.
(Our graham crackers are baking in the oven.)

Don’t they look so fun? Really they are rather simple to bake. The recipe really should be on here… someday.

They roasted up so very nice. We couldn’t get a good smore picture in the dark. Let me just tell you, they were delightful.

To be continued…
(Good Fun:part two.)

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I’m going on holiday to visit this girl. Her name is Grace.
(That’s me, slaving away in the back.)
Grace and I have many kitchen adventure memories. We both love baking and cooking. So, when we’re in the kitchen together, we do it up big. (Late into the night as well. At least dinner was ready by nine o’clock that one time…)
We’re hoping to tackle homemade marshmallows and graham crackers for smores this time. And we’ll be grilling. Grilled pizza for sure. Possibly some kabobs or skewers of some sort. And most definately baking…


{I really think Grace and I could own a cupcake shop someday.}

We’re going to have so much fun.

p.s. Maybe I’ll fill you in on our adventures when I get back…

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It’s Friday, August 6th. (I still am amazed it is August already.)
Happy Summer.
I have my laundry going today.
I am drinking tea.
And I am frustrated with my lack of musical skills. But, I am still trying. Still trying indeed. I will play this song well… someday.

     This song sounds so happy on the piano. The lyrics are angry though. Bummer. I don’t know how to play any happy songs on the piano, just sad and angry… why is that? I think I need to change that.
     There are public pianos randomly placed in downtown Everett. I really want to dress up and bring my vintage red suitcase to the piano at the train station and play ‘Almost Lover.’ I think that would be amazing fun. We’ll see if I actually do it. If I do, you’ll hear about it for sure!

Tim has recovered from cerebral malaria. (see previous post.) I am rejoicing. God has done an amazing thing. There were balloons blown up, welcome home banners painted, flags made- I am so happy he is home with his family.
Thank You Lord.

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I know, you haven’t seen me in a while. I’m very sorry. I have been part busy, part lazy. But that was not what I was referring to in the blog title.

Long time no see.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon and evening with three of my favourite girls. The last time I had seen them was February 22, 2009.

There is Miss Tandy…   

And Ria…  

And Bell (on right).  

They are three sisters that live in central Oregon.  I have only met them three times and they are some of my dearest friends. (special thanks to the United States Postal Service and Alexander Graham Bell.)  I still can’t believe how all the pieces fell into place last week and then Saturday morning I was on my way down to actually see them. In Washington.  It was so worth the more than two hour car ride.  Turned out to be the most beautiful and warmest day of the year so far.  The best day of the year in every way so far, according to my book. 
Except the saying goodbye at the end of the day part.  I could have done without that. 

That is my excitement for now.  I shared it with you. I have a list of other things I have been meaning to share with you….

-Some amazing Swedish Almond Rusks and Raspberry Crunch Bars that I made a while ago. I would bake rusks every week if it weren’t for the guilt I should feel after I eat them all up.
-The birthday banner I made for Bell.
-My answer to the questions I get about future college and career plans, goals, and aspirations. And peoples reaction to that.

But for now, that’s it. I hope there is a smile on your face.

{The roses are blooming.}

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