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What are you eating?

     This morning Mama showed me a trailer for a movie that she’d like to see.  It’s one of those movies that really makes you think- what are you putting in your mouth.  Our family tries to eat mostly fresh from our garden or locally grown organic produce,  whole grains, natural sweeteners like agave nectar and honey.  We get our meat from a small, local farmer who is a family friend and raises a handful of beefalo each year.  We milk our own goats and make our own dairy products.  We generally know where our food is from BUT it’s amazing to see (and be aware of) what is going on out there in the food and agriculture industries.  

Our Garden Lettuce
Our Garden Lettuce

     You really ought to watch the trailer for the new movie called Food, Inc.   After watching that I felt so good going out into our garden and picking some homegrown, organic lettuce for my lunch salad.  It was delicious with a drizzle of homemade balsamic vinaigrette over the top.  Oh so yummo.  I heartily encourage you to consider what is going into your families’ mouths.  Don’t ignore what is going on.  If we as consumers are conscious of what we’re buying, maybe sales of packaged, processed, nutritionally empty foods would drop.  Therefore the industries would realize that the ‘cheap’ food they are creating isn’t in demand.  “We are voting with our money,” Blogger kimiharris says ( thenourishinggourmet ).   I personally would rather pay a few extra dollars for something that I know is going to help further the local, organic farmer than give all my business to the monopolizing corporations that care little about the quality of their products.  Seriously…chew on it, What are you eating?


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