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I am in love with this last week.
Because I was able to spend it with some of my favourite people. In Oregon. It’s hard to believe I’ll be heading back to Washington tomorrow morning.

I miss Bell so much. Even more than before. And that was already too much. I cried in bed last night reading a little note she had given me when we said goodbye.
But I am so thankful for all the memories we made together. I will keep them always.
Sneaking onto the roof with Bell and Candy, mugs and hot chocolate, quilts and Noel, stargazing and wishing on shooting stars.
Sitting on the kitchen floor.
Picnicking in the park with Jenn, Christie, Fran, Candy, and Bell.
Drinking oh so much tea.
Painting French words on teacups.
Bell driving.
The Record Store.
Running around IKEA for hours, not wanting it to end. (…”there is a Chinese family in our bathroom”…)
Townshends. #79.
Late night chats.
Baking muffins and cinnamon morning buns.
Sparklers in the street.

I need to stop. I might cry again. I’ll finish my tea. Clean up. Wait for La to come home. Then hit the Saturday market.
Might be a wedding tonight in my new dress.

Rain is pouring down outside where I am.


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Cold Weather.

We had snow falling quite often last week.  It was so pretty.  But yes, very cold.
I have consumed copious amounts of tea.
So thankful for the warm fire.  And the woodshed stocked with firewood.  (Not so much the many treks out to get the firewood but… you can’t have everything.)
Also, I am happy I didn’t fall off the road on my way to work last week.  I fell in love with my 4 wheel drive that day.  I know I wouldn’t have gotten to work without it.  It drove like a dream.

We had the most amazing icicles.

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Mon Ami.

It is hard to believe that today was the last day.
The last day of Bells visit.
I have loved having her with me. We have stayed up late at night dreaming of sewing studios. Figuring out purse patterns.
We have had so much tea this week. At least two kinds a day. We ran out of types to try so we took a trip to the tea shop downtown. And today Fed-Ex made me so happy.
They brought tea.
Right now there is Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro brewing.
And homemade Strawberry Poptarts are in the making.

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It’s Friday, August 6th. (I still am amazed it is August already.)
Happy Summer.
I have my laundry going today.
I am drinking tea.
And I am frustrated with my lack of musical skills. But, I am still trying. Still trying indeed. I will play this song well… someday.

     This song sounds so happy on the piano. The lyrics are angry though. Bummer. I don’t know how to play any happy songs on the piano, just sad and angry… why is that? I think I need to change that.
     There are public pianos randomly placed in downtown Everett. I really want to dress up and bring my vintage red suitcase to the piano at the train station and play ‘Almost Lover.’ I think that would be amazing fun. We’ll see if I actually do it. If I do, you’ll hear about it for sure!

Tim has recovered from cerebral malaria. (see previous post.) I am rejoicing. God has done an amazing thing. There were balloons blown up, welcome home banners painted, flags made- I am so happy he is home with his family.
Thank You Lord.

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Rusk. What?

Yes.  Rusk.  That is what I meant to say.  It’s not a typo.  Some would call it biscotti.  A dried sweet bread, very satisfying with tea or coffee and not as rich or sweet as cookies.

I made some a few weeks ago.  They were so good.  I tried to save some for you but… it didn’t work out.  Sorry.  I couldn’t resist.  I’m going to share my recipe so you can bake some and see for yourself how hard it is to stay away from these rusks.  It is my one of my new favourite recipes.  Fairly simple to make and so worth the twice baked wait.  The recipe is from an old recipe book of my Mamas called “Notes From a Scandinavian Kitchen.” 

Swedish Almond Rusks    

     1 cup butter
     1¾ cup sugar
     2 eggs
     2 teaspoons almond extract
     5 cups flour
     1 teaspoon baking soda
     1 teaspoon salt
     1 cup sour cream
     1  cup chopped almonds

Cream butter and sugar, add beaten eggs. Blend in almond extract. Sift dry ingredients; add alternately with sour cream and almonds. Divide dough into six equal parts. Shape into 15 inch long rolls. Place 3 rolls on each of the two ungreased cooky* sheets. Allow space between as they spread in baking. Bake 30 minutes at 350°. Remove rolls from pans and cut diagonally into ¾ inch slices. Place slices cut side down on cooky* sheet, return to oven, toast 10-15 minutes until brown, turn rusks and toast the other side.

*cooky. That is how they spell it in the recipe book. So cute. ♥

I am going to go make some of these right now. They will be for my uncle. I think he will like them. Very much.

{You really should make some too…}

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mini Vacation.

I left town on Sunday, April 19th.
I traveled 129 miles.
I hugged my best friend.


She is amazing. I am so blessed to have her friendship. I cannot even begin to describe what a special time we had together. I spent four nights with her and her family. It was so much fun. And really, for only four days… we got a lot accomplished!
We baked scones…cinnamon oatmeal scones.
We drank tea. Boston tea. I almost forgot to pack that.
We milked goats. Well… I guess I didn’t. Grace and Mary Beth did.
We made an amazing gourmet dinner (well worth the wait, everyone agreed.). We made stuffed chicken breasts with wild rice and a tasty sauce and a balsamic salad dressing on fresh greens. It was oh so good. I don’t like mushrooms- the chicken was stuffed with a mushroom mixture- Lewis didn’t even know there were mushrooms- It was THAT good. We recieved an A++.
We weeded the strawberry beds. Oh so many weeds.
We scoured the milk room (that was invigorating!). Ah! runaway water! Bleached knees. Don’t know why we didn’t get out the squeegee earlier. I Loved that thing.
We stayed up untill 2 o’clock in the morning. I will never forget those long late night chats. I felt like we’d both grown up since I was last there. I seemed to be looking into a picture of two young women in conversation on a crisp white bed. Whispering, smiling, laughing, and enjoying each others conversation. I liked it ever so much.
We baked the most amazing cinnamon rolls. Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls. Devoured in no time and enjoyed by all!
Drank more tea…
We sewed ourselves some new summer skirts. I sewed button holes on a machine for the first time. It’s so easy! And addicting. I serged for the first time too! So professional, I know.
We listened to NewWorldSon.
We laughed. A lot.
….Yes, It was a very productive week.

Coming home and getting used to my own schedule again is kinda rough. My alarm woke me up at 6 o’clock this morning… I didn’t want to hear it.

There will be pictures of my mini vacation coming soon! Thanks to Mary Beth… the official photographer of the week. *smile*

I hope you all had a good weekend!

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This is my friend, Erin.  She is cutting the apple pie that she (with the help of her wonderful family) baked out-of-doors.  Yes, they baked it with coals outside and it was simply amazing.

I was at Erin’s house for dinner on Sunday night and we had soup and bread.  The bread was baked in a dutch oven outside as well.  (It is crazy what you can do in those things!)  And for dessert we had Dutch oven apple pie a la mode with hot tea.  I think it was the best apple pie I’ve had… that I remember anyway.  Good food and fellowship are always abundant at Erin and Dean’s house.  I always leave that house feeling more and more thankful for their friendship.  Thank You Erin and Dean!

This morning… I drank an entire pot of tea.  It was good tea.  I just ordered an entire pound of it.  Boston.  By Harney & Sons.  It’s my new favourite.  I went to a new coffee shop this afternoon too!  I drove by it a few days ago and wondered if it was open or not.  I tried it today.  I felt pretty special to be a customer on their first day open too.  I loved being friendly.  I have tried to break the habit of acting shy, and I like it.  Today, I chatted and laughed with the employees for a while and it made me happy.  I almost gave the man in charge my name and number and said if he needed anybody to work this fall, call me.  But I didn’t.  I have a lot of praying to do about work.  I’m at a bit of a crossroad.  I’ve been thinking all week but I can’t figure out what I should do.  I would like to make the right decision… I just don’t know what that is.  I’ll keep praying.  Only My Lord knows.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming…. and Spring

Enjoy your weekend.

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